3rd Trimester

Week 27

Your baby’s lungs and brain are beginning to mature and if you had a peak inside, you’d be able to detect some brain...

3rd Trimester

Week 28

Congratulations! You’re on the home stretch. No one said running an ultra marathon was going to be easy, but crossing the finish line...

3rd Trimester

Week 29

Your belly is growing daily, and chances are you’re struggling to see your toes over that bump. By now your little champion has...

3rd Trimester

Week 30

Your baby is growing daily and you’re probably wondering how it’s possible that your belly is going to expand anymore than it already...

3rd Trimester

Week 31

Can you believe that your little one’s senses are all fully functioning. They can touch, see, smell, taste and hear everything that’s going...

3rd Trimester

Week 32

By now you’re physically exhausted and ready to have that baby. But it’s not long to go now – just eight more weeks....

3rd Trimester

Week 33

With due date just a few weeks away, now would be a good time to go through your checklist and ensure you have...

3rd Trimester

Week 34

You’re no doubt exhausted. Your body is starting to take huge strain with all the extra weight you’re having to carry and the...

3rd Trimester

Week 35

Did you know that your uterus has expanded 1000 times more than its original size! Yip, that’s how your amazing body adapted over...

3rd Trimester

Week 36

Your baby, once a teeny tiny poppy seed, has graduated to a fully-fledged little person, with everything in good working order. Now all...

3rd Trimester

Week 37

Take a moment from your aches and pains to celebrate that your baby is officially considered early term and that all the pregnancy...

3rd Trimester

Week 38

This week may feel like the longest seven days ever as you play the waiting game. You’re probably completely over waddling around and...

3rd Trimester

Week 39

WOO HOO! Your baby has officially reached full term. At each of your now weekly visits, your doctor will be doing an abdominal...

3rd Trimester

Week 40

Happy Due date! You and your baby have successfully made it through 40 weeks of incredible growth and development. For some of you,...