1st Trimester

Weeks 1 & 2

This may seem a little odd, but your pregnancy journey actually begins two weeks before your baby is even conceived. The main reason...

1st Trimester

Week 3

This is a big week for your body: you’ve ovulated and conceived, and now your little miracle has started its very early stages...

1st Trimester

Week 4

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve probably just found out that you are pregnant (or are about to find out). This could be a moment of complete...

1st Trimester

Week 5

By now a large majority of expectant moms will have found out they’re pregnant. You’ve missed your period, and as early as five...

1st Trimester

Week 6

By now your body is in full baby production mode, and you’re probably experiencing all those symptoms that moms complain about. But don’t...

Week 7 - Your baby is now the size of Blueberry
1st Trimester

Week 7

You’re now in the thick of your first trimester, and your hormones are flying everywhere. Things are progressing rapidly, and by now you’ve...

1st Trimester

Week 8

You’ve reached the two month mark already (just 32 weeks to go) and by now your body has gone through all sorts of...

1st Trimester

Week 9

Your baby has reached a milestone as it officially leaves the embryo status and moves up the ranks to become a fetus. This...

1st Trimester

Week 10

By now you’re starting to feel like you’re pregnant, and even though it may not be visible to everyone else just yet, you’re...

Week 11 - Your baby is now the size of a lime.
1st Trimester

Week 11

The exciting news is that the first trimester is almost over, and you should slowly start feeling a bit more human again as...

Week 12 - Your baby is now the size of a plum.
1st Trimester

Week 12

At this stage both your bump and baby are growing nicely. This week is a significant one for your baby as they have...

Week 13 - Your baby is now the size of a peach.
1st Trimester

Week 13

One more week to go before you have officially completed the first trimester – one third of your pregnancy is done! Miraculously, in...