1st Trimester

Week 3

This is a big week for your body: you’ve ovulated and conceived, and now your little miracle has started its very early stages...

1st Trimester

Week 4

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve probably just found out that you are pregnant (or are about to find out). This could be a moment of complete...

1st Trimester

Week 5

By now a large majority of expectant moms will have found out they’re pregnant. You’ve missed your period, and as early as five...

1st Trimester

Week 6

By now your body is in full baby production mode, and you’re probably experiencing all those symptoms that moms complain about. But don’t...

Week 7 - Your baby is now the size of Blueberry
1st Trimester

Week 7

You’re now in the thick of your first trimester, and your hormones are flying everywhere. Things are progressing rapidly, and by now you’ve...

1st Trimester

Week 8

You’ve reached the two month mark already (just 32 weeks to go) and by now your body has gone through all sorts of...

1st Trimester

Week 9

Your baby has reached a milestone as it officially leaves the embryo status and moves up the ranks to become a fetus. This...

1st Trimester

Week 10

By now you’re starting to feel like you’re pregnant, and even though it may not be visible to everyone else just yet, you’re...

Week 11 - Your baby is now the size of a lime.
1st Trimester

Week 11

The exciting news is that the first trimester is almost over, and you should slowly start feeling a bit more human again as...

Week 12 - Your baby is now the size of a plum.
1st Trimester

Week 12

At this stage both your bump and baby are growing nicely. This week is a significant one for your baby as they have...

Week 13 - Your baby is now the size of a peach.
1st Trimester

Week 13

One more week to go before you have officially completed the first trimester – one third of your pregnancy is done! Miraculously, in...

Week 14 - Your baby is now the size on an apple
2nd Trimester

Week 14

Congratulations! You’ve officially entered into the second trimester and this is known to be the most enjoyable stage of your pregnancy. Your nausea...

Week 15 - Your baby is now the size of a lemon
2nd Trimester

Week 15

With your baby’s rapid growth taking place, your bump will be growing quickly too. At this stage, the scale starts creeping up each...

2nd Trimester

Week 16

With every week that goes by, your tummy becomes less of a bulge and more of a bump. For some moms, you may...

2nd Trimester

Week 17

With your little one getting bigger and hungrier, don’t be alarmed if you feel constantly ravenous. Gaining weight at this stage is inevitable,...