Week 14 - Your baby is now the size on an apple
2nd Trimester

Week 14

Congratulations! You’ve officially entered into the second trimester and this is known to be the most enjoyable stage of your pregnancy. Your nausea...

Week 15 - Your baby is now the size of a lemon
2nd Trimester

Week 15

With your baby’s rapid growth taking place, your bump will be growing quickly too. At this stage, the scale starts creeping up each...

2nd Trimester

Week 16

With every week that goes by, your tummy becomes less of a bulge and more of a bump. For some moms, you may...

2nd Trimester

Week 17

With your little one getting bigger and hungrier, don’t be alarmed if you feel constantly ravenous. Gaining weight at this stage is inevitable,...

2nd Trimester

Week 18

With a growing bump, and the onset of swollen feet and hands, we think it’s time to treat yourself to a few extra...

2nd Trimester

Week 19

Your bump is growing, your legs are starting to swell, your lower back may be aching and you may start experiencing shooting pains...

2nd Trimester

Week 20

WOO HOO! You’ve reached the halfway mark with just 20 weeks left to go. You probably have a lot more energy and a...

2nd Trimester

Week 21

It’s a wonderful stage to be pregnant, your bump is proudly exposed, and you’re not too heavy and tired just yet, making it...

2nd Trimester

Week 22

Pop goes the belly button! At week 22 you may notice that your belly button that was so neatly tucked away has now...

2nd Trimester

Week 23

You may be starting to feel a little more uncomfortable and tired at the end of each day, and swollen feet are certainly...

2nd Trimester

Week 24

In the past week your uterus has lifted above your belly button and is now the size of a soccer ball, so stretching...

2nd Trimester

Week 25

Your little soccer ball is now fully exposed, with the little midfielder regularly kicking, constantly reminding you about the upcoming match day. But...

2nd Trimester

Week 26

Working a full day, rushing to antenatal classes, dashing to Yoga, sprinting home to cook dinner and walk the dog? It’s time to...